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Petroleum, What you need to know

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Today a little bit more info on why you DON'T want petroleum in your hair and bodycare product. BOYZZ ONLY products are free of chemicals and only contain organic plantbased ingredients.

Found in both shampoo and conditioner, petroleum products such as mineral oils, paraffin, and petrolatum coat the hair and scalp. These cause a build-up of toxins, cellular development to slow down, and disruption to hormones. Some shampoos and conditioners also contain conditioning agents propylene glycol and stearalkonium chloride, the potential negative effects of which include allergic reactions and rashes, as well as immune and respiratory disorders.

Always check your label and go to EWG Skin Deep database to find safe alternatives. EWG's Skin Deep® rates products based on ingredients, an important indication to help determine the potential health concerns associated with products. #ewgverified


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