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how to Make Bath time fun

How to make bath time a fun experience. Consider your shampoo. BOYZZ ONLY is a low sud shampoo and has no strong scent. Being a no-tear shampoo there isn't a need to close eyes, which may cause them to feel as if they are falling. Place the shampoo in your hand before rubbing into their scalp, as the trickle of shampoo being poured onto their head can be too stimulating. Try different methods of rinsing off. Some children may like the deep pressure of a large jug of water being poured or a hand held shower. Others may like more control and a different pressure, and prefer to trickle water themselves; offer a small child's watering can, cup, or jug for them to try rinsing themselves. Hopefully these tips will help making bath time extra fun!!

A little dirt is OK Don’t insist on a bath or shower every night—a little dirt won’t hurt. (In fact, some microbiologists recommend bathing kids less frequently.) A quick hand and face wash would suffice.

BOYZZ ONLY, Tear - Free?

We do not make a Tear-Free claim in our products at this time. However, our products do not contain any synthetic ingredients, such as synthetic alkyl polyethoxylates and/or alkyl phenol polyethoxylates, which can be common in tear-free shampoo #tearfreeshampoo. Our products are formulated to be gentle on hair and skin, using natural, certified organic and ethically sourced ingredients that soften and smooth with scents specially created to sooth. BOYZ ONLY No Nonsense collection do not contain any parabens, sulfates, phthalates, paraffin, formaldehyde, mineral oil, petroleum, DEA, silicone, synthetic fragrance or artificial color. #ewgverified #certclean



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