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6 Ways to Take More Eco-Friendly Showers

Showering. We all have to do it, and most of us seem to enjoy it. But the global water shortage is a very real predicament even if it hasn’t been felt in Canada yet. And it’s not just the global water shortage that should have you taking a second look at your home showering practices. Energy resources and product toxins all play a role in the carbon footprint left behind when we shower.

Our bathrooms are one of the easiest places to be a little bit more sustainable in our lives. From our water usage to the products we use, sustainable showers are totally achievable.

Here are 6 of our tips!


Take a short shower instead of a bath. A 5-10 minute shower uses less water than a full bath tub. The psychological effect of having a clock in your shower is enough to get you in and out more quickly, saving water along the way. Or try making a playlist of your three favourite songs to keep track of how long you've been in the shower.

For the average Canadian shower with a standard shower head, you'll use around 75L of water, whereas bathing you could use as much as 150L.

2. Install a more efficient shower fixture

Low flow fixtures aren't what you remember. Many still supply high, feel-good pressure while reducing the amount of water used.

3. Shower in bursts

Hop in and get wet, turn off the water to soap up, then turn it on again to rinse. It is actually really simple!

4. Turn off the Hot Water

We all love hot showers, but not only do they use more energy, they can also really dry out your skin. Hot water gets rid of some of the oils on your skin and prohibits your skin from keeping the moisture in. You may be surprised after you try it that a lukewarm shower is actually just as relaxing. Of course, when you need one, indulge in a hot shower. Just understand that a significant amount of fossil fuel is needed to heat the water (unless you are a rock star with a solar or alternative energy powered hot water heater).

5. Check your ingredients

This is one of those things you might not have thought about. But, have you ever thought about the ingredients going down the drain? There are so many things that shouldn't go into the environment that you might be washing down the drain. With BOYZZ ONLY products though, everything is natural and good for you and for the environment.

6. You don’t need a clean towel every day!

Unless you are using your towel to physically remove mud from your body, you don’t need a clean one every day! Think about it logically – you are using a towel to dry off your newly cleaned body. The towel itself is not getting dirty in the process because you have gotten clean prior to using the towel! However, in many Canadian households the standard is to use a towel, throw it in the laundry and then use a clean one the next time. Every time you do that, you increase both your water and energy footprint.

What else is on in the bathroom while you shower?

Yes, you need to have a light on, and we don’t question a shower radio, but how many electrical appliances do you really need to have on while you’re showering? Do you need the vanity mirror light on as well? What about the bathroom vent? Does your electric toothbrush really need to still be charging? Just because you’re in the bathroom, it doesn’t mean that everything in the bathroom needs to be on, using up energy resources.

Being clean of body is important, but keeping a clean planet is equally important.

Do what you can to keep both you and your home (planet) clean!



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